Title, Quad Flex, Onslaught, MMA Fight Shorts

Title, Quad Flex, Onslaught, MMA Fight Shorts

Product Description

Martial Arts Supply Overview
Constructed of super strength and ultra-comfort polyester with extra wide moisture wicking full crotch and inseam stretch panel for professional fit, function and results. The quad-flex full under panel insert allows excellent freedom of movement, moisture retention, and unrestricted leg and kicking movements. Heavy-duty elasticized waistband with full length internal drawstring, adjustable hook-and-loop front fly and waist closures provides secure fit. Complete with outside leg slits for uninhibited standing and ground action.

If you are practicing MMA, just regular shorts designed for the gym are not good enough. Get new shorts designed specifically for MMA. UFC athletes wear MMA Fight Shorts in the cage, and you should wear them for your sparring matches with friends. Your MMA Fight Shorts will not slide off because they have an internal drawstring. Your freinds will think you know alot about fighting if you wear real, MMA Fight Shorts when you spar with them. If you are taking an MMA class, you can get these so that you will have the same style trunks that everyone else is wearing. These are perfect for your MMA Class. Whether you are taking a class or practicing with a freind, MMA Fight Shorts are perfect for all your matches. Other shorts might not have a drawstring. This can lead to embarrassing situations while grappling where you shorts are pulled down. Other shorts do not have the stretch panels MMA Fight Shorts are designed with. Do not stretch out your gym shorts practicing mixed martial arts. Get a pair of MMA Fight Shorts. You need to look your best for your sparring matches. Not just for your opponent but for onlookers. Get MMA Fight Shorts at a price you can afford. Other companies charge more than $50.00 for these specialized trunks. We sell them for less, and it is still a good quality product. Title is a recognised name in sports, so you can trust that these MMA Fight Shorts are good quality.

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MMA Fight Shorts
Technical Specifications
  • Brand: Title

  • Material: Polyester

  • Internal draw string

  • Sizes:

    • Medium 28-32 inches

    • Large 32-34 inches

    • XL 34-36 inches

    • XXL 36-40 inches

MMA Fight Shorts Warranty
You may return any item for an exchange for any reason if it is defective within 90 days. This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear that results from the use of our product. Use of our products in a manner other than that for which they were manufactured also nullifies this warranty.

MMA Fight Shorts
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