MAV, Unfilled, Vinyl, Wrestling Dummy

MAV, Unfilled, Vinyl, Wrestling Dummy
Item# LGD-U

Product Description

dummy out flat front of filled dummy
filled dummy side view back of filled dummy
dummy arm opening
Lace-up Opening in Each Arm
dummy groin opening
Lace-up Opening in Groin
dummy foot opening
Lace-up Opening in Each Foot

Wrestling Dummy Overview
You and your friends will LOVE a wrestling dummy in your gym.

The use of a wrestling dummy is an important part of training of elite athletes worldwide. Anyone from beginner to champion can benefit from practicing with a dummy. This unfilled dummy is an economical choice for anyone who is interested in learning or improving grappling skills.

This dummy is a great punching bag for ground fighting. Blast away to the head or body of the wrestling dummy with punches, elbows, heels and head-butts is a lot of fun, very practical, and it builds strength and endurance.

Originally developed for wrestlers, the wrestling dummy is now being use in Police & Law Enforcement training, Judo, Jiu-jitsu, MMA & other combat sports.

This dummy is sent unfilled for savings on shipment. You can use shredded clothing and bags of sand as filling. The smaller you shred the rags the tighter the fill. This dummy is a great, economical way to improve your wrestling or martial arts practice.

Fill your dummy to a challenging weight up to 140 lbs. You can custom fill your dummy to build up your strength.

Work out with a dummy that is just like a man. This dummy is a great option for working on kill moves and other self-defense techniques that would hurt your partner.

If all your friends are busy, you can use your dummy to practice your wrestling moves. Save on expensive dojo memberships by using your own dummy. You will never get distracted by gym "social hour" when you are using a dummy as a partner by yourself.

The best way to improve at grappling is with practice. There are many moves you can practice on your own or with a partner. There are also moves that are difficult to perform on your own, and sometimes your partner is busy. Use this dummy to fill in that gap.

Get ready for using full-power strikes, chokes and take-downs by using a non-living target as practice. Get necessary practice for your martial arts or wrestling moves with this dummy.

There are many reasons to get an economical dummy to practice your wrestling or martial arts on. There are many benefits of having an inanimate, man shaped object to use as a tool for your practice. The end result will be enhanced grappling skill and improved fitness. Achieve your fitness goals with this wrestling dummy.

    Wrestling Dummy
    Technical Specifications
  • Brand: Martial Arts Value

  • Made of durable, vinyl coated canvas

  • Fillable to 140 lbs. for realistic feel during throws.

  • Height:

    • 4'

    • 5'

    • 5' 4"

    • 5' 6"

    • 5' 8"

    • 5' 10"

  • About Filling the Dummy:

    • Sent unfilled for economical shipment.

    • Use bags of sand and some old clothing as filling.

    • Look up "rags" in the yellow pages to find filling.

    • Shred the old clothing you are using for filling into tiny pieces for a tighter look and feel.

  • This wrestling dummy is flexible, durable

  • Eliminates the need for a practice partner

MAV Wrestling Dummy
Commercial, Fitness Equipment Warranty

40 day warranty on fabric. Our warranty applies to constant use in a professional gym. This is a warranty for full commercial, fitness equipment usage warranty. This Wrestling Dummy can be used 24 hours a day 7 days a week, and we will repair the fabric, or replace the dummy if anything goes wrong. We may require photos of the defective part or we may pay you for the shippingthe item back to us at our discretion.

MAV Wrestling Dummy
Return Policy

You have 30 days to return your dummy if you are not satisfied. The dummy must be in an unused condition. You must make return shipping arrangements. You must pay for the shipping back to us if your wrestling dummy is not defective. We will return or credit the initial shipping that you paid to have the dummy sent to you when you purchased.

MAV, Wrestling Dummy
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