The Real-time Retail Company started in 2006 selling fitness equipment and boxing gear. The first brand name we worked with was Amber Sporting Goods. Amber is a provider of discount Martial Arts Supplies. We also worked with Ringside for boxing gear. There was a new movement in the fitness world that has overwhelmed our business.  The new phenomenon sweeping the sweeping the fitness world is MMA.

We first became aware of Mixed Martial Arts when Amber Sporting Goods began selling MMA gear. We immediately began selling these specialized martial arts supplies. When Combat Sports came out, we began working with them. We introduced a new category on our flagship website, Martial Arts Supply. As time has gone by we have filled this page with products. In our eBay store Martial Arts Supplies have become as popular as the barbells we sell. We now work with Title MMA for gear.

It is simply not possible to provide all the Martial Arts Supplies we can offer from these three major brands on and have it be site for bodybuilders. There are figure competitors who say they practice MMA. It is true that MMA is a great cardio workout. Even so, needs to primarily have bodybuilding equipment. Other fitness websites dedicate a page to martial arts supply. We can not offer more than that. We do not want bodybuilders to get lost in pages with specialized equipment for MMA. We need this new website to offer these products.

There is another reason we are launching Martial Arts Value. We know of popular items that are not available from venders we are working with now. We also have been having problems because martial arts supplies that people need are selling out. We are going to begin importing products from overseas. This is very exciting for us. We are hoping that by importing products from overseas we will be able to provide the most popular martial arts supplies at the best prices out there. Keep checking back as we work on finding new vendors not previously available in the United States online.

It will be awhile before Martial Arts Value has as many products as Bodybuilder Fitness. This new site has a more advanced shopping cart. We will make a firm commitment to people who practice martial arts to meet there fitness goals. We will make Martial Arts Value the best site in can possibly be.

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It will take up to two weeks for us to ship your product. Sometimes products sell out before we can update the website. These products are sold in more than one place. Check your email after buying a product to make sure it is not sold out.

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  • Over $1000 = 5% of merchandise total(Please call us)

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