HSU, Single Weave, Blue, Judo Gi

HSU, Single Weave, Blue, Judo Gi
HSU, Single Weave, Blue, Judo Gi
Item# Bl-Ju

Product Description

Martial Arts Supply Overview
This is made from 100 percent, single weave cotton, and is commonly worn by practitioners of Judo and Aikido. Get a Judo gi for your martial arts class. This is durable and light weight. Single weave is perfect for practicing outside during the summer. It is great to wear while grappling with an opponent. A Judo gi is more durable than a uniform made specifically for Aikido, and it can be used for tumbling and throwing. This uniform is very durable and well made. It is blue so you can wear it in competition so that observers can tell you apart from an opponent in a white, Judo gi. HSU has been importing uniforms directly from the factory since 1975. Many people practice martial arts in gym cloths instead of a uniform. To observers these people do not look like they are serious about martial arts. If you want people to take your martial arts seriously, you should wear a Judo gi. A Judo gi can be used while fighting for different holds. The uniform is cut to allow for the movements of Judo. It is very comfortable and functional. Do not miss out on this opportunity to get something you will really use in your martial arts practice. Even if you are just learning a few moves from a friend, get a uniform so that you will look like you really know what you are doing. Look the part of a true martial artist with a new uniform.

Blue, Judo Gi Size Chart
Waist Band Height
0000 3' 2" - 3' 6"
000 3' 6" - 3' 10"
00 3' 10" - 4' 2"
0 4' 2" - 4' 6"
1 4' 6" - 4' 10"
2 4' 10" - 5' 2"
3 5' 2" - 5' 5"
4 5' 5" - 5' 8"
5 5' 8" - 6' 0"
6 6' 0" - 6' 4"
7 6' 4" - 6' 6"
8 6' 6" - 6' 8"

Blue, Judo Gi Specifications
  • Brand: HSU

  • Endorsements: United States, Judo Association and United States, Judo Federation

  • Color: Blue

  • 100 percent natural cotton.

  • Applications: Akido and Judo

  • Traditional cut.

  • Elastic Waist Band with Drawstring

  • Complete set includes pants, jacket and a white belt.

Blue, Judo Gi Warranty
This uniform comes with a 30 day warranty. If manufacturers defects in the Judo gi become apparent in 30 days, we will replace your uniform. That means if your uniform falls apart within 30 days of purchase we will replace it. This warranty does not cover intentional damage or misuse. You can rest assured that if you recieve a Judo gi that is not perfect in the mail, you will get a new one.

Blue, Judo Gi
Shipping and Payment Conditions
Shipping rate applies only to the continental, United States. Please allow two to six weeks for delivery. We do not ship to Canada. Call 877 DO 4 REPS toll free to speak with a customer service representative today if you would like to pay by phone with a Visa, Mastercard, Discover or American Express Card.