HSU, Medium Weight, Black, Karate Gi

HSU, Medium Weight, Black, Karate Gi
Item# MWBkK

Product Description

Karate Uniform Overview
This uniform is approved for practicing towards a black belt. This is a top quality medium weight uniform with a waist band that has a draw string for adult sizes. This karate uniform is a complete with the pants, jacket and belt so you are completely protected while you are working out. Without a karate uniform, your skin can get chaffed on a canvas mat. Get one that is both fashionable and functional with this model. This karate uniform is perfect for starting out in karate. It is better to have a gi for training than just to wear workout cloths. Show your karate instructor you are serious with this karate uniform. It is perfect for sparring with a partner. You can also wear it while practicing forms out in the yard or in a park. People who see you will know you are serious about martial arts when you are wearing your karate uniform.

Karate Uniform Specifications
  • Brand: HSU

  • Color: Black

  • Made of 100% cotton.

  • Medium Weight.

  • Waist Band: Children sizes 000 to 1 are elastic; 2 to 8 draw string.

  • Complete set includes pants, jacket and a white belt.

Karate Uniform Size Chart
Waist Band Size
Wearer Height
3 ft 6 inches - 3 ft 10 inches
3 ft 10 inch - 4 ft 2 inch
4 ft 2 inch - 4 ft 6 inch
4 ft 6 inch - 4 ft 10 inch
4 ft 10 inch - 5 ft 2 inches
5 ft 2 inches - 5 ft 5 inch
5 ft 5 inch - 5ft 8 inches
5 ft 8 inch - 6 ft
6 ft - 6 ft 4 inches
6 ft 4 inches - 6 ft 6 inches
6ft 6 inch - 6ft 8 inch

Karate Uniform
Martial Arts Supply Warranty

30 day warranty on the fabric. That means if your fabric splits or the threads come loose, we will replace your karate uniform. Rest assured you are getting a quality product, because this comes with a 30 day warranty.

Karate Uniform
Shipping and Payment Conditions

Shipping applies to the 48 contiguous, US States. Please call 877 DO 4 REPS toll free to pay by phone with a major credit card. Allow for 2-6 week delivery when ordered individually. No international orders.