Combat Sports, Leather, Hybrid, MMA Gloves

Combat Sports, Leather, Hybrid, MMA Gloves
Item# FG14

Product Description

Martial Arts Supply Overview
Get mixed martial arts, grappling gloves that are easy to use, and have the most protection for your hands. Get additional pairs with free shipping. Feel your opponent's skin without having your grappling gloves slide off. All leather construction. You can easily tighten the velcro strap of these grappling gloves because your palms are open, and your thumb can move. These are perfect for combination grappling and striking moves in a match because you can get a great hold with one hand and use the padded surface of the other hand to strike. The foam of these grappling gloves is extra dense so your hand is protected without as big of a pad. They can be used other ways too. Look like one of the stars on TV in these grappling gloves.

Combat Sports
Grappling Gloves Specifications
  • Brand: Combat Sports

  • Color: Blue with Black Trim

  • The MMA Hybrid Fight Grappling Gloves provide the best of both worlds, durable enough for training, the necessary support for competition.

  • Wrap-around hook-and-loop wrist strap for better wrist stability and protection

  • Open palm for full mobility and grip.

  • Thick segmented padding over the knuckles and back of the hand

Authorized, Combat Sports Dealer
  • Sizes:

    • Regular (6 oz - 155 lbs or lighter)

    • Large (6 oz - 155 to 195 lbs)

    • XL (6 oz 195 to 235 lbs)

    • XXL (7 oz - 235 lbs and heavier)

  • Wrap around hook & loop closure for ease of use and increased wrist support.

  • All leather construction

Fashion Advice Regarding Training, Grappling Gloves
Get these before your friends all have them. You do not want to look out of style and out of place in your boxing class with old fashion punch mitts. grappling gloves are perfect for your boxing and your wrestling workouts. Get a pair bearing the brand Combat Sports so that you have official UFC Fighting Gear. You will not need put them on and take them off as much, and changing in and out of them is much easier. You can wear lace up gloves without a partner if you buy these. If you hesitate any longer to get them, we will run out, and you will have to wait to get these fashionable, Grappling gloves. Buy them now, or miss out. Get two pairs with free shipping for your second pair. Get one pair for yourself and one pair for your partner so that he can not say it was because of your grappling gloves that you beat him.

Our Grappling Glove satisfaction guaranteed policy
You may return any item for a refund, credit or exchange for any reason if it is in resellable condition within 120 days. This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear that results from the use of our products. Use of our products in a manner other than that for which they were manufactured also nullifies this warranty. There will be no credits or refunds for return shipping charges. If you request that we replace or exchange an item you will be responsible for paying the re-shipping charges.

Hybrid Grappling Gloves
Shipping and Payment Conditions

Shipping rate applies to the contiguous, 48, US States. Please call 877 DO 4 REPS toll free to pay by phone. Allow for 2-6 week delivery when ordered individually.