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We are your complete source of martial arts supplies for cage fighting, traditional martial arts and preparing for street self defense. We want to be more than just another online store where you can get MMA gear. We want to support your martial arts way of life by providing you with the martial arts supplies you need.

children doing martial artsMany people are against martial arts. For almost any sport there are those who are against it, but martial arts faces particular criticism. Many people feel that martial arts supplies are not suitable for children because they will fight each other. We think that children can practice martial arts responsibly. It is healthy for youngsters to engage in contact sports because it gets them to exercise. They are usually trying to wrestle with each other anyway. Martial arts supplies are a great way to fight the obesity epidemic among children because it channels their energy into something they want to do.

Others criticize martial arts because the techniques are not practical for street self defense. Well, this criticism is not as much of a problem for us because preparing for both street self defense and cage fighting uses much of the same martial arts supplies. We actually feel this is constructive criticism of martial arts. People should be aware of what will work while sparring with a friend and what will work when under duress.

Martial arts are a sport just like any other sport, and they deserve the same respect as any other sport. If you are a martial artist, we want you to know that we are with you. Not only do we support what you are doing philosophically, we want to provide you with all the martial arts supplies you need to train.

women, cage fightingAccording to the UFC, cage fighting is the fastest growing sport in the world. Real-time Retail has been providing martial arts supplies in other places online for awhile. We wanted to come out with this site dedicated to martial arts to better meet the needs of this growing craze. We wanted to bring together the brands we are working with on a site that can provide MMA fighters with a wider variety of martial arts supplies than our fitness website can. We do not just want to be a cage fighting website. We want to meet the needs for martial arts supplies of other martial artists as well. We know many people want to buy uniforms for disciplines like Judo and Jiu Jitsu. Cage fighting is really an outgrowth of a growing interest in grappling. In the beginning of UFC the fighters who knew grappling did better than the fighters that used striking moves.

We want to provide martial arts supplies for different, popular disciplines. We have Karate uniforms for people of all levels. We have Muay Thai equipment. Striking is a factor in MMA even though it can not beat grappling on its own. We want to accommodate your martial arts supplies needs however you like to spar.

We are a new website now, but keep checking back. We will be growing in the years to come. We can not promise that we will have all martial arts supplies anyone will ever need no matter what discipline they practice. That is too much for any one business to know about and provide. We do want to have the most popular items for both striking sports and grappling sports. Our goal is to have more of the popular MMA brands on our website, and to have a growing inventory of discount martial arts supplies.

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